Why Rotating Proxies Are The Best: The Ultimate Guide of 2023

Jun 10, 2023

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Are you considering investing in a proxy? Maybe you want to bypass certain blocks and gain access to more information? Or maybe you are searching for a server that will help you bypass geo-restricted content. By the end of this article, you will have all your questions answered.

Proxies act as intermediaries between the users and the internet. One of its most sophisticated and popular forms is the rotating proxies that provide access to a wide selection of IP addresses. If you are just tipping your toes into this area, it may be hard to differentiate rotating proxies from other types and even understand further divisions within a rotating proxy.

Continue reading to understand how rotating proxies function, their uses, types, and, more importantly, why Proxies.Fo should be your first choice for the best rotating proxies.

What are Rotating Proxies?

A rotating proxy server assigns a new IP address from a pool of real IP addresses upon each connection request. A pool from any good provider may contain millions of IP addresses so that you do not end up with used ones. Since IP addresses are continuously refreshed, websites that block IP cannot block your request.

Imagine that you are web scraping from a crucial website; you can access the page with different identities once you use rotating proxies. Opting for rotating proxies also implies that you do not have to build an entirely new infrastructure from your end. Still, your unlimited access is only a few seconds away because of the proxy provider.

Since you imitate different people from different devices instead of a single user with multiple connection requests, bypassing the anti-bot system and readily completing web scraping from the target website is significantly easier. Even if you face IP bans, you will have a new one in minutes.

Pros and Cons of Rotating Proxies

 Much like other types of proxy servers, rotating proxy has its pros and cons. These are some benefits and drawbacks to consider when purchasing any proxy package.


Diverse pool: A good rotating proxy network has a large proxy pool of IP addresses, so you have greater options. These ASNs and subnets are also harder to detect for web data extraction.

Immensely Scalable: The providers give hundreds and thousands of rotating IP addresses. You can choose to scale up or down based on your needs.

Easy-to-Use: When you opt for paid services, they also have perks to make your experience the best. Most reliable providers like Proxies.Fo will have excellent customer service and affordable packages. The dashboards are also easy to manage despite the projects you take on.

Best for Web Scraping: Since these use a backbone proxy endpoint, you do not need to handle the IP rotation manually, but it is only a plug-in away. When web scraping, you will not be subjected to CAPTCHAs and request throttling.


Fluctuating Prices: Some providers may choose to price based on traffic. It can be very expensive if you have heavy web pages.

IP History: When using a rotating proxy, you do not know the next proxy IP address; therefore, it may not connect to the intended website. Many good providers deal with this issue to some degree.

How Does IP Rotation Work?

 Any rotating proxy doesn’t merely assign you the entire list of proxy addresses. Instead, when you sign up for a server, they give you one main address called the back-connect gateway server. This is the only server of concern since it automatically fetches a new IP address when needed.

The IP rotation processes from the provider’s end may be more complex. To assign new IP for every connection request, all the proxies imitate real-time connections from different users of multiple locations. Many of the proxy pools available online are shared so that the IPs may be slightly slower, but in providers like Proxies.Fo, the pool is large enough to have little chance of overlapping IPs.

If you want dedicated rotating proxies, you must set up the rotation by yourself. When using a proxy, you can rotate IPs connecting through sticky or rotating proxies. The former implies longer usage of the same IP, but a different proxy is used for each request with the latter.

Main Rotating Proxy Types: What Types of Proxies Can Be Rotated?

 The term’ rotating proxies’ implies the format and behavior of the rotating proxy servers, but there stills needs to be a source for them to be functional. You will find three main rotating proxy types on the web, but the first two are the most popular.

Rotating Datacenter Proxies

A datacenter proxy is created by web hosting companies and stored in servers. The requests the proxy servers receive are sent new data center proxy based on the defined intervals. IP addresses assigned to data centers belong not to separate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) but to organizations and companies.

Since the IP address cannot be traced back to the individual using it, they are separated from other web-based services. Datacenter proxy offers 100% uptime and excellent speeds while costing less than other types. However, they are not prone to IP blocks and may struggle on protected websites.

Rotating Residential Proxies

Residential IP addresses are registered to real people and devices but owned by ISPs and assigned to the customers. Online websites are more trusting of residential IPs compared to datacenter IPs. When you sign up for a residential proxy network, the server will give you a new IP address to act as a go-between.

Rotating residential proxies specifically utilize a large number of IPs from homes, and with each connection, the IP address is renewed. Rotating residential proxy is a lot more difficult to detect, and they are costly because of the security and anonymity rotating proxies provide alongside the precision that allows your address to imitate real-world behavior. Therefore, rotating residential proxies are best for accessing protected websites for web scraping.

Rotating Mobile Proxies

These types rely on phones and tablets through their generational technologies. They are unpopular because of the slow speed and expensive plan, but mobile proxies can also be the hardest to detect.

Uses of Rotating Proxies

 Rotating proxies will be the best choice if your project requires many connection requests. These are some of the uses for a rotating proxy service:

Data Extraction

Web scraping is one of the most popular and effective tasks a rotating proxy can carry out. Any web scraping project requires that the proxies bypass IP bans and bots to access and collect data. Getting information from competitors can help improve your growing business immensely.

Rotating, especially residential proxies, make it almost impossible for your device to face IP blocking. The data mining of crucial information can be carried out with ease.

SEO Monitoring

SEO needs to be a focus if you want your products or services to be visible to the market. However, google restricts the number of searches you make; therefore, proxies switch addresses from their IP network to prevent CAPTCHAS while getting an additional security layer. You can continue to run audits, carry out keyword research, and track ranks.

Social Media Management

If you are responsible for managing multiple social media accounts, it may be a challenging feat on your regular connection. However, proxy rotation can be of immense help in social media management. Some platforms can block accounts based on your location, but by using rotating residential proxies, you would appear as real users from worldwide locations. Therefore, handling and promoting multiple social media accounts would be relatively easy.

Price Comparison and Aggregation

Price aggregators compare prices across different websites of the same products. You will be presented with the best deals and join affiliate marketing campaigns if you choose one of the best-rotating proxy providers.

Why Proxies.Fo Has the Best Rotating Proxies?

 Finding the best-rotating proxy service may be challenging in a large pool of rotating proxy providers. Well, we have done the job for you. Whether you are a beginner or a pro at proxy integration, Proxies.FO will be your premium proxy manager.

Our proxy servers ensure smooth scaling on the most affordable plans. Instead of relying on proxy lists, we offer a proxy pool of more than 10 million IPs from 150 countries! Our datacenter and residential proxies support rotating IPs while you will be assigned a dedicated account manager right as you make your account. We offer unlimited bandwidth with limited parallel connections for the best speed for web scraping.


How are Rotating Proxies different from Static Proxies?

The basic difference between the two types of proxies lies in their names; rotating proxies rotate, whereas static don’t. A static proxy server connects you to any website with the same IP address; most ISP and datacenter proxies have static IP address, but certain mobile proxies can also join the list. Unlike them, a rotating proxy automatically connects you to a new IP from the provider’s IP pool.

Where static can be shared, or dedicated IPs, rotating are strictly shared. Similarly, the former has less flexibility, but you may face fewer maintenance issues on a rotating server.

Are Rotating Proxies Worth It?

Whether you use rotating residential proxies or rotating datacenter proxies, each option will be slightly more expensive than any less reliable option. However, the rotating proxy would only be worth it, depending on why you buy it.

If you have serious projects lined up, such as heavy data mining or web scraping, then there would be no better choice than rotating IPs because a single IP address would not be able to handle a large number of requests correctly. A standard VPN may also need to be improved as companies continue to crack down on anti-botting tools.

Can I Use Rotating Proxies Legally?

Rotating proxies are legal to use in almost all countries—however, the legality changes based on the usage of a rotating proxy. Sometimes malicious actors provide malware-invested residential computers as proxies, but using them would be illegal. Similarly, if you use the proxy for malicious purposes, such as collecting personal information of people, then you may be likely to face charges.

Therefore, buying premium proxies from reliable proxy providers is better than using them for ethical purposes only.

Can I Control How Often the Proxy IP Address Rotates?

Yes. Most rotating proxy providers like Proxies.Fo allow you to configure and customize the rotation frequency based on your needs. You can change IPs at fixed intervals or based on the response rate, among other factors.

Are Free Proxies Legit?

If you have only begun considering proxies, it may be tempting to choose free proxies and get all the benefits without paying a single cent. But you would only be setting yourself up for failure. Most proxies labeled as free are simply malicious and can cost long-term damage to your device.


 There is no doubt that rotating proxies are a good investment if you manage multiple social media accounts, conduct web scraping, etc. They offer anonymity and security in the form of residential or datacenter proxies. And if you want to make the right choice, Proxies.Fo is the best-rotating proxy network on the web!

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