No Limits, Efficient Proxies: A Comprehensive Guide to Unlimited Proxies of 2023

Jun 20, 2023

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Proxies have become increasingly popular as people realize the benefits they have to offer. From scraping to bot automation to unrestricted access, a proxy service does it all for you. A good proxy can be used on different platforms to control traffic while remaining anonymous.

However, some plans may not be worth it if they have metered bandwidth and you consume a lot of bandwidth. It would only worsen when you have to pay thousands for the limited access. Therefore, you can choose between unlimited connections or bandwidth and enjoy unlimited proxies.

This blog will explore what unlimited bandwidth proxy providers offer, the benefits and reasons for using such a service, and most importantly, why you should know Proxies.Fo for it.

What are Unlimited Proxies?

Even if you are a beginner in software, you might know what a proxy server is or heard it around at least. A proxy acts as an intermediary between the internet and your device by redirecting it and leading websites to believe that you reside in a different country by changing IP addresses.

This simple function has evolved to become extremely useful in all fields, and those who use proxies daily may find themselves in a hive when their proxy provider of choice does not allow unlimited access to target websites.

Unlimited proxies appear in these situations, but even they can be slightly difficult to grasp. Unlimited proxies may mean a lot, but when we use unlimited proxies in this blog, we refer to proxies that let you enjoy unlimited bandwidth usage with little to no extra charges. These proxy services may limit several threads, or if you are lucky, you may also avail unlimited threads.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Connections: Are They The Same?

 In the above definition, we specifically mentioned unlimited bandwidth, which you shouldn’t confuse with unlimited connections. These are two different options, and since you cannot avail of both, you will have to choose which one is more important for your work.

Unlimited connections imply connecting to the entire proxy network and using thousands of IP addresses simultaneously. This service is charged based on the bandwidth/GB used.

Unlimited bandwidth entails no restriction on bandwidth usage, and unmetered residential proxies can enjoy without additional costs. For unlimited bandwidth, the proxy service providers will limit concurrent requests and the number of devices to avoid misuse. Unlimited bandwidth proxies are a cheap and effective solution for many.

The Main Types of Unlimited Proxies

 Even if you decide to buy unlimited proxies, you still have to choose the type of proxy you want to work with. You will have to decode two options between data center and residential proxies.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are the most common proxies available on the web. While changing your IP address, these proxies are not concerned with ISPs or your connection. This makes it easier to hide the IP address without being linked or connected to a single place.

These proxies act as intermediaries between the user and the requested websites while the new IP address is assigned from an IP pool drawn from data centers. Providers may gather these IP addresses through third-party cloud service providers and gradually increase their IP pool size.

A data center proxy may be divided into shared and dedicated categories.

As the names suggest, the shared proxy is a random IP that may be used by many people simultaneously. It is a cost-effective option since the same IP is assigned to multiple people. Despite unlimited bandwidth, the shared bandwidth may slow down the connection, while sharing IPs increases the chance of the address being detected and eventually banned.

On the other hand, dedicated proxies are not used by any other client if they have been assigned to you. A dedicated datacenter proxy gives you complete control over the fresh IP and its activity to prevent detection, but it may also be a more expensive option.

Residential Proxies

Some people consider residential proxies the better type since the assigned IP addresses belong to real devices and were previously issued by an ISP. Since any target website registers the residential IP as real, getting detected as a proxy becomes very hard. With residential proxies, you can hide your address effectively to access geo-restricted content and meet web scraping needs, among other uses.

Residential proxies are also categorized into two sub-types: static or rotating residential proxies. With a static residential proxy, your residential IPs essentially remain the same. On the other hand, rotating proxies constantly update and rotate the residential IPs based on your configuration or the residential proxy providers’ settings so that your privacy and safety remain protected.

An IP rotation reduces the risk of getting banned because the residential IP does not stay with the target website long enough to raise a red flag. Good residential proxy services will provide many million residential proxies that are rotated continuously. Some of the fastest residential proxies have unlimited bandwidth that you can enjoy as well.

Why Do You Need Unlimited Proxies

 One of the most appealing facts about unlimited proxies is that you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth. But this prompts the question: why may you even need unlimited bandwidth?

Here are some ways that unlimited proxies can be used to enjoy them to the fullest.

SEO Monitoring

Search Engine Optimization has become extremely crucial in today’s digital world. With unlimited bandwidth, you can ensure that the right tools and methods are used so that your website ranks accordingly on the search engine.The visibility of your website will increase traffic as the SEO-compliant content boosts you.

Web Scraping

Web Scraping is one of the best ways to utilize residential proxies and their unlimited bandwidth. Web scraping may also sometimes be referred to as data collection since that is what it essentially does. When you scrape data from competitors or other websites available on the web, you gain information on the competitor’s strategies and how you can beat them.

An efficient web scraping proxy will provide an in-depth competition analysis without getting detected. You can also go a step ahead and scrape comments and reviews to see what the customers have to say.

Sneaker Bots

Aside from using rotating proxies to fulfill all your web scraping needs, unlimited bandwidth proxies can be useful in gaining access to sneaker sites through sneaker bots. Many websites only let you buy limited shoes or keep their information private. With residential proxies and sneaker bots, you can create unlimited tasks and purchase as many sneakers as you want.

Ad Verification

A vital function of an unlimited proxy network is that you can ensure your ads are useful and you are not wasting money. With data centers or residential proxies, you could test the intended ads in multiple locations, bypassing geographical restrictions and IP bans. Certain backconnect proxies would also ensure that fraud ads are automatically deleted without an IP authentication from your address.

Price Comparison

With proxies, you can maintain a good grasp of what the market wants, particularly in terms of the prices that you should set on your products. With the best residential proxies, you can also keep a close eye on the competitor’s prices on a geo-targeting level.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media can have a large influence on your business when done rightly. Each platform, including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, has its role in promoting e-commerce. Therefore, you must use proxies with unlimited bandwidth wisely to ensure maximum growth through social media automation. With rotating proxies, you can use a large pool of IPs to manage different accounts simultaneously. Since you will remain anonymous, even if some accounts are detected, you will not be in trouble.

Determining If You Need Unlimited Bandwidth Usage

You may be blinded by the unlimited bandwidth that residential proxies offer to consider if you need an unlimited proxy network. If you have a high target of IP bans and using large loads of data for purposes such as sneaker bots, web scraping, and data tracking, then you might want to consider residential proxies.

However, if you aren’t, it would be better to look for higher-quality metered residential proxies that give you your money’s worth.

Proxies.Fo: The Best Unlimited Proxy Provider Online

With hundreds and thousands of residential proxy providers available online, it may be hard for any beginner to determine which site will offer them the best residential proxies at the best rate. However, we are here to clear up your confusion. There is little doubt that Proxies.Fo is one of the most premium providers that you will ever gain access to.

Proxies.Fo offers both datacenter and residential proxy packages; the former starts from $10, while the latter may be as inexpensive as $5. With data center proxies, you can enjoy up to 15000 IPs worldwide, which can rotate as requested. The residential proxies have a whooping IP pool size of 10 million residential IP from 150 different countries! You can avail of geo-targeting proxies that can rotate based on your configuration.

Our dedicated account manager will help you when you sign up for our proxy service. There are no hidden fees that you may have to worry about, while our large pool ensures that many users do not use the same address simultaneously. We offer the fastest speeds, up to 10 Gbps, while guaranteeing your anonymity remains intact.

Compared to other proxy providers, we update our proxies regularly so you have the most advanced features. You can log in today and begin with a free trial! 


How fast are unlimited proxies?

The speed for each proxy plan may vary depending on the provider you choose. However, some of the best and premium proxies can have an excellent response time of 375 m/s.

Can proxies get banned on my target website?

A proxy is an intermediary which replaces your IP address with another. Shared proxies imply that many people may use the same IP address, but dedicated proxies assign you a new IP. With a shared proxy, there is a higher chance of getting caught than the other IP type.

Moreover, some websites may have a stricter policy against bots and proxies; thus, it may be difficult to pass through. However, if you choose a reliable proxy provider, the chances of getting banned would decrease significantly.

Is there a limit to how many IP addresses an account can use?

The good thing about an unlimited proxy is that you can use as many proxies as you would like without having to pay extra if you go for unlimited connections, but unlimited bandwidth may allow limited concurrent connections! There is no set amount that you cannot go beyond. Hence, you can utilize the proxy account for whichever purpose you wish!

How are residential proxies different from data center proxies?

Even though both types may seem similar—and they certainly are, you need to understand the differences to make the right choice. The key difference is the source and type of IP address. With data center proxies, the IP pool originates from data centers. However, residential IPs are obtained from real devices Internet Service Providers assign.

Datacenter proxies are more prone to being detected than residential IP addresses. However, if you are on a budget, datacenter proxies may be the cheaper option. Residential IP proxies tend to be rotating backconnect where you can access from a large proxy pool, but datacenter IPs may be much faster.

Are unlimited proxy services secure?

It depends on the provider you choose. If you heed our advice and opt for a proxy service provider like Proxies.Fo, your data is less likely to get stolen. They offer SSL encryption and trustworthy IP addresses from a specific IP pool to reduce the chances of identity theft and IP bans.

Should I use free proxies? Or is proxy cheap?


While it may be very enticing to go for free or lower-price proxies offering unlimited bandwidth, beware—it is a trap! No good proxy services would sell their specialized proxies for free so that everyone may use them whenever they want.

You will have to pay a certain amount for good and unlimited residential proxies—you can set your budget and research accordingly. Many have reported that free proxies are a scam to steal personal information.

Good data center and residential proxy providers will also ask for higher prices. Still, there are enough competitors in the market for you to find the right match among the other providers available.

Is it legal to use proxies?

The simple answer: Yes.

There are no specific bans placed on the usage of a proxy. You can legally use a proxy service for many tasks, including SEO monitoring and web scraping. To be safe, it would be good to look at your country’s laws and rulings.

Moreover, even legal practices like proxies can be used for malicious or harmful activities. Many providers will mention that it is against their terms of service to be used for such purposes, and when detected, you will be immediately banned. Therefore, you should also thoroughly research your case to avoid trouble later.


Proxies can be extremely useful when done right, and if you have high usage of proxies, investing in unlimited proxies would be a good idea. With unlimited proxies, there is no limit on the bandwidth you consume, but the number of connections and concurrent sessions may be limited for the company’s benefit.

Tasks such as web scraping, geo-targeting ads, and sneaker bots tasks can benefit from these proxies, whether datacenter or residential. If you are confused about which company to go for, you should consider Proxies.Fo because it has a lot to offer at a minimal rate.

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