Instagram for Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Proxies in 2023

Jun 14, 2023

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If you were to name some of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram would be in the top five, if not the first. In recent years, many people have turned to Instagram to promote their brands, market their companies and even run their e-commerce businesses.

To help with these, you need Instagram automation software, which still needs Instagram proxies. Automation tools and bots can be crucial in building a brand, but Instagram is anti-bot. Your account would be under threat of getting banned if you do not use proxies for Instagram.

This article will provide an in-depth account of these proxies, their benefits and uses, and, more importantly, why Proxies.Fo is the best proxy provider.

What are Instagram Proxies?

 A proxy server is an intermediary that changes your IP address so that you can reroute traffic coming from multiple devices. It has many types, structures, and formats, one of which is Instagram proxy. As the name suggests, this proxy server is optimized especially for the Instagram app.

These private proxies can be used for managing multiple Instagram accounts effectively so that you may grow your audience without being detected. Since Instagram’s anti-bot detection system has become strong, any regular proxy may be readily detected.

However, the optimized proxies are mobile or at least residential. The IPs won’t be banned because trusted proxy providers like Proxies.Fo have a pool of millions of IP addresses, so there is little chance of getting caught. A good proxy network also lets you target different countries and cities worldwide so that you can even manage multiple accounts without any worry.

How Do Instagram Proxies Work?

 Much like other types of proxies, Instagram proxy servers will hide your IP address by replacing it with a new IP address from their proxy pool of IP addresses. As a result, the data and requests you send to Instagram do not register from your real IP but pass through the proxy server instead.

The entire process of how the Instagram proxy works alongside an Instagram bot is slightly complicated.

Once you have signed up with any of the good Instagram proxy providers and set up the proxy, a connection request is sent from the user’s device to Instagram servers. This may include an HTTP header, IP address, and user agent. The request is offered to the proxy server instead. Right after, an instant IP change occurs where the real IP addresses are replaced with a different IP address.

Instagram servers receive the connection request eventually and process it to determine if the user should gain access to the requested information. Once approved, you will get the required information through the proxy server.

As you continue to use the proxy IP addresses, your real information will remain confidential. When Instagram notes that the devices belong to different geographical locations, it will not block your account, and you remain completely anonymous. Therefore, it is highly important to choose a proxy provider that provides maximum security and reliability.

Why Do You Need Proxies for Instagram Bots?

Instagram is crucial for social media managers or people running their own businesses. Almost all managers use Instagram proxies to make things easier for themselves. If you are wondering whether you should, too, here are some of the key reasons why you need proxies for Instagram.

Multiple Social Media Accounts Management

Instagram has a strict policy about the number of accounts that can be managed from one device. If you exceed five accounts, you may be under the threat of getting banned by Instagram. However, proxies will be of immense help in overcoming this hurdle.

By changing your IP address, the proxy server will save all your accounts from getting blocked while allowing you to handle more accounts. If you choose one of the high-rated Instagram proxy providers, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously through the easy-to-use dashboard.

Social Media Automation

Instagram proxies can be further used for social media marketing and automation, whether residential or mobile. Manually managing all accounts can be quite tedious and time-consuming. With proxies for Instagram, you could do a lot quickly. Automating your accounts through proxies allows you to reach a wider audience readily.

Increase Traffic

 If not done, proxies can greatly help Instagram marketing by increasing traffic on your account. Instagram has more than a billion monthly users, and if used properly, proxies would redirect the users and audience to your website.

You can try several automation tools which use bots to automatically update your bio with new blog posts and links to articles you have published recently. This way, you can drive traffic to your account by spending money on ads!

Boost Engagement and Sales

 Over the last few years, Instagram has taken over Facebook with higher engagement. So if you want to boost your sales through increased engagement, Instagram proxies would be your best bet. Choosing the right residential proxy will give you the tools for a full Instagram experience where it does not stop at organic growth.

Since your IP address has been replaced, you do not have to be limited by corporate, educational, or regional restrictions. Similarly, proxies are useful for Instagram marketing to boost sales. A good proxy will provide unlimited connections, 24/7 customer support, and instant delivery. You can retrieve any requested page and work more efficiently using the server.

Unblock Instagram

 If you do not have access to Instagram because of your geographical location, proxies would help you out and unblock Instagram despite the country you reside in. You would not face the issue of Geo-blocking and target audiences on a global scale. It would help expand your business further.

High Security

 Proxies for Instagram can also result in increased protection and security. Since your real IP address remains hidden and the same IP address is not used by many or even two people, you can guard your privacy while remaining anonymous. If you choose a trustworthy provider, you will not have to worry about the extracted data and its protection.

Web Scraping Ethically

Web scraping does not have to be limited to online brands, but scraping Instagram data can be useful in influencer marketing, customer engagement analysis, and brand monitoring. Proxies for Instagram can be used to scrape the web ethically and legally. To do so, you must ensure that your chosen proxy provider has ethically sourced IPs.

When collecting data from Instagram, you must strictly adhere to the Terms and Conditions set by Instagram to avoid penalties even when using proxies for Instagram. Furthermore, you should only use the data you need and then encrypt the data in transit so that the Instagram bot is not detected and blocked.

Cases Where You Might Not Need an Instagram Proxy

 While we just did describe solid examples where an Instagram proxy can be a lifesaver, it may not be the case every time you wish to expand your business and its reach on Instagram. You are misguided if you think that automation is impossible without Instagram Proxies.

Instagram proxies should not be used in any situation like Swiss-knife. Instead, you need to sit down, think critically, and determine if you need a proxy for Instagram. This way, you would ensure you use your hard-earned money effectively but still get the required results.

For example, if you only 2 or 3 Instagram accounts that need to be automated, it would be impractical to invest in proxies. Instagram does not mark your device or those accounts as bots or spam because it is common for one device to handle these few accounts. It would be nothing out of the ordinary and, thus, nothing to fret about.

Besides that, your accounts are allowed because you might be controlling multiple accounts. But a block is only implemented when you use bots, which is against their policy. However, if you are managing multiple accounts (more than 10), getting help from a decent Instagram proxy provider would be a good idea.

The Main Types of Instagram Proxies

 Where Instagram proxies are concerned, it is not merely about choosing a proxy seller. But you have to research and find the proxies are a little difficult. Good Instagram Proxies can be difficult to find since Instagram may have already placed a block on them.

Even if you have a few proxy providers in mind, you still have to figure out the type of Instagram proxy you will use. There are main types of proxies, but not all may be the best choice when considering a proxy for Instagram.

Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies, also known as 4G/LTE, are the best proxies and should be your first choice when it comes to Instagram proxies. The mobile proxy uses the associated mobile device to reroute the user’s requests to a website. For mobile proxies, the proxy providers already have a proxy pool of mobile devices that they utilize to route the customers’ requests.

They are the best Instagram proxies because mobile devices do not have one IP address, unlike residential proxies and their IP addresses. The Mobile Network Operators will assign IP addresses to a device only when it wishes to connect with the internet, and when the phone is switched off, the IP address is withdrawn.

This setting means thousands of users are using the same IP address but never permanently assigned to one. Instagram finds it difficult to block accounts for fear that actual users may be refused access, so a mobile proxy is your best bet.

Residential Proxies

If, for some reason, you are not able to work with mobile proxies, residential proxies should be your top choice.These unique proxies use real residential IP address from devices provided by the Internet Service Provider to help fulfill the users’ requests. Mobile and residential proxies are the top choice if you want your brand to achieve success.

A residential proxy prevents the request from being registered as spam because the device with the same IP is real. Residential proxies have earned a high level of trust, but they may also be on the expensive side. Only the best proxy providers like Proxies.FO can source them, be it rotating residential proxies or static residential proxies. Not all residential proxies may suit Instagram, so you must be thorough with whichever proxy provider you choose.

Dedicated Proxies

Dedicated datacenter proxies, sometimes called private proxies, may be dedicated specifically to social media. More than 90% of private proxies are datacenter proxies. These proxies use IP addresses stored in datacenters.

Since these IPs are not assigned by ISPs but owned by datacenters, they are most likely detected as spam and blocked by Instagram. While datacenter proxies may be a cheaper option than mobile or residential proxies, they are not reliable. Certain proxies, however, may still be able to evade the Instagram filter and complete the automation process. If you can avoid them, then that would be best.

Shared Proxies

We do not recommend using these proxies or their IP addresses. It is most likely that the IP addresses will already be blocked.

Free Proxies

It would be best to stay far away from these proxies to keep your account clean and secure.

Things to Consider When Working with an Instagram Proxy Service

 Even though it may take a little time to learn how to use Instagram proxies, you will need more. Especially if you are a beginner, there are certain things to keep in mind so that you may continue to manage Instagram bots through the right proxies.

Here are some factors and things you out consider when you start using proxies for Instagram:

Do You Need Them?

As we briefly discussed in one of the sections above, one of the first few questions you should be asking yourself or the people involved is whether there is a need for Instagram proxies. It may feel like proxies are necessary for automation that is only sometimes the case.

If you have one or two, even three accounts you are handling, then there is no need for Instagram bots and, thus, proxies. However, if you have multiple Instagram accounts, you may need to consider a proxy for Instagram seriously. A free trial would help determine your needs as well.

The Right Automation Tool

Even the best Instagram proxies will only be useful if you have the right automation tool.Proxies are only the mean, but the tool utilizes an Instagram bot to complete your work. Over the last decade, many popular and effective Instagram bots have appeared.

For many, Jarvee has been a top pick, while IGMassViewing, Ninjagram, and Storyvoter is close behind. It wouldn’t be wrong to argue that good automation software is more important than the Instagram proxy, so choose wisely.

Maintain a Good Pace

When starting with an Instagram bot and proxy, the best thing you can do is not expect too much. We all want rapid growth and success, but an Instagram account requires a little independent growth, even when using proxies.

Therefore, you need to let the accounts ‘warm-up.’ In a few days, you will notice the followers count rising, and it may not be 1000 every day, but even 100-200 is good for a start. Eventually, you can choose to increase the number to reflect organic growth.

Be Mindful

Once again, running your Instagram account 24/7 may be tempting, but there may be better decisions. Instead, it would be best if you were mindful by not running the Instagram account around the clock but setting a timeframe to mirror human activity. It is better to run the Instagram accounts in shifts. Try not to comment, follow or react simultaneously daily to reduce suspicion.

Trying New Things

Even if you might be hesitant about messing up your progress or the default settings, we suggest you try things. Check to see if the proxies work with paid or free trial Instagram accounts, and even play around with the setting of your Instagram bot. These steps will help you familiarize yourself with the proxy and your account.

Learning Never Stops

If you have been managing multiple accounts for a while now, it may be easy to fall into certain habits and stick to them. However, we suggest that you keep an open mind to never stop learning. In this age, platforms like Instagram update their algorithms every other day. So if you are up to date with the new changes, it will be easy to keep the ship sailing smoothly.

Why Proxies.Fo Provides the Best Instagram Proxies in 2023

When you do a simple Google search for Instagram proxies, you will find hundreds and thousands of proxy servers in the results. Each proxy provider claims that they are the best when their services may, in fact, not be up to standards.

Amidst all this competition, if there is one proxy seller you can rely on, it’s Proxies.FoProxies.Fo is one of the best Instagram proxies providers on the internet, with servers that provide smooth scaling but no IP bans.

While you can choose between shared and dedicated proxies, our millions of IP addresses ensure that you will rarely, if ever, be using the same IP address as someone else. Despite the package you choose, you can enjoy the fastest and most consistent speeds, including the ISP proxies with up to 10GBPS uplink.

When you sign up, you will immediately gain access to the proxy management dashboard, which gives you complete information and freedom. You can track usage statistics, get integration snippets, and even manage subscriptions.

Since Instagram works best with residential and mobile proxies, we recommend that you go for our “Residential Plan,” which starts from only $5! You can enjoy over 10 million IPs from 150 countries with no geo-restrictions. Other benefits are unlimited connections, unlimited concurrent sessions, a free trial, a ‘Pay As You Go’ alternative, 24/7 customer support, and a safe Instagram proxy.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your free trial today!


Are free proxies worth it?

 Are free proxies available online? Yes. Should you use them? Absolutely Not!

If you are just entering the territory of proxies, it may seem very tempting to avail of any free Instagram proxy offer and not have to use the extra money. But we would advise against using any such free offer since Instagram has a strict policy for proxies and their detection.

These proxies are unreliable because you may need help with security and speed issues. But more importantly, your IP address and other details may be leaked online. Data you transferred may be stolen or become a target of spammers and hackers. It is extremely risky.

Instead, we would advise you to look up private proxy services, and most of them offer a free trial. By using that free trial, you would be saving some money and eventually be able to figure out the best match for you.

Do shared proxies work on Instagram?

 No. Shared proxies are most likely not going to work for Instagram accounts. There is a high possibility that the ones you will use have already been blocked, or they will get blocked immediately. No security is associated with these proxies, so they are not a sound investment. This would mean a complete waste of your money and time.

How many proxies are required for one account?

You need no more than one account. You will need only one proxy for every profile you make because an Instagram account is only associated with a single IP address. This is the standard setting where the same proxy for each account is concerned; buying more proxy accounts will simply be wasting your money.

How many accounts can one proxy handle for Instagram?

 The answer to this question depends on the proxy you will use. If you choose to go down the private proxy route, using one proxy per Instagram profile would be best.

However, if you have decided to go for mobile proxies, you can associate 5 to 10 profiles to your proxy account.

Is Instagram automation still functional?

 The easy answer: yes.

But it used to be more challenging than it is now. Many marketers will still be seen using the Instagram Automation Software, but things must be done differently and more carefully. If you choose the automation route, you will have to take things slowly and ensure that the Instagram proxy provider of your choice is of the highest quality.

With this method, you must refrain from scraping millions of results or following thousands of pages. The good news is that while many Instagram bots may be dead, Instagram automation is very well alive.

Can someone buy a private proxy for Instagram?

The answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no.

Since last year, Instagram has made even more changes to its security system and hardened it. It has thus become very difficult to use private proxies for web scraping software and Instagram bots. Certain bots may allow you to set up a scraper account because their entire purpose is to gather web data for upcoming automation tasks.

Some people also used private proxies for these aims and were satisfied with the result. However, it might still be better to choose shared proxies for a better success rate.

How to avoid a ban when using an Instagram proxy?

When you opt for an Instagram proxy, you are looking not to get banned while growing your company. It would be counterproductive if you permanently ended up with a banned Instagram account after making progress.

So if you want to avoid unnecessary bans, it is best that you stick to the number of accounts that your Instagram Proxy provider suggests. You should be extremely careful when executing any plan or activity and refrain from doing everything simultaneously. If you spread it out over days, it will appear more natural. 


The demand for Instagram proxies continues to grow each day, and rightfully so. Instagram has established itself as a solid platform that can help businesses and people grow. Many marketers understand the need for Instagram bots, and thus, they turn to proxies to reach their goals.

Proxies for Instagram can be mobile or residential, but they replace your IP address with another real one so that you are not under the threat of getting by Instagram for handling too many accounts at once. Besides that, a proxy will provide additional security, automation, and the right tools for successful marketing. Our article went into detail about the benefits provided by the proxies as well as their types.

Since choosing one proxy server among the hundreds available online can be difficult, we recommend Proxies.Fo since it has established itself as a premium provider. You can get affordable packages with all the services and even a free trial to use proxies efficiently.

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